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Employment Discrimination Claims And Disputes

Sometimes a lawsuit becomes necessary when a workplace dispute cannot be resolved. There are varied and complex federal and state statutes as well as regulations and rules. Some of those laws provide remedies when an employment decision is motivated by an employee’s personal characteristic or activity that an employee has engaged in that is considered by law as protected.

Disputes also arise out of employment contracts. Employers seek to protect client networks, key employees and their business. Employees seek to assert rights under federal, state and local statutes, and in some cases, contracts. We offer experienced counsel with about a quarter century of experience representing both employers and employees in federal and state courts and agencies in employment discrimination disputes, representing employers in collective wage, overtime actions and state agency wage audits. We represent employers and employees in disputes arising out of restrictive covenants and noncompete agreements. We strive to be innovative, flexible and efficient, providing the best service to attain an optimal and confidential result.

Personnel Policies And Training

Recent events and the challenges they present have transformed the workplace. Setting clear workplace rules and managing a diverse workplace in multiple locations both in the office and remotely is both challenging and important.

Clear personnel policies with consistent and frequent training are key to an efficient and productive workforce as well as the company’s success. Employees who know what is expected of them have opportunities to advance and to succeed. We offer experienced counsel in personnel management on an ongoing basis, prepare personnel policies and partner with clients to address workplace disputes. This minimizes the potential for disputes.

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Our attorneys are experienced with employment discrimination suits and know the best way to guide you through a case. When working with our attorneys we’ll utilize our experience to create a customized litigation strategy specifically for you.

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