Forward Thinking

Skilled Litigation Attorneys

Litigation is the option of last resort. Lawsuits are unpredictable, protracted and costly. Sometimes the result does not match the effort or the expense. Settlement of a potentially uncollectible judgment may be the reasonable and preferred course of action. We offer experienced litigation services, including experience in complex commercial litigation. We also when it comes to employment matters. We strive to provide innovative strategies that meet clients’ needs and budgets. We leverage existing and available technologies and vendors to obtain the most favorable result under the circumstances.

Work With An Experienced Litigation Team

Our litigation team has the necessary experience to take on your case. We enter the courtroom with confidence because we know that even if we’re facing a situation we might not be familiar with we can fall back on our experience to guide us through the litigation process.

When you need an experienced litigation team you should trust the attorneys at Weiss & Weiss LLC. To learn more contact us by phone at 203-935-8671 or use our online contact form.