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Assisting Both Labor And Management In A Union Workplace

In a unionized workplace, there are many forces at work. The union and its members are bound to contracts and have certain rights typically found in union constitutions and bylaws. These set forth the union’s governance. Federal law recognizes workers’ concerted rights to comment on wages and terms and conditions of employment and to look to each other for mutual aid and protection. Collective bargaining agreements set negotiated rules, rights and remedies adjusted through grievance and arbitration.

We have almost a quarter-century of experience representing both labor and management. Our firm represents unions large and small, and employers in the private and public sectors in collective bargaining negotiations, grievances and arbitrations, unfair labor charges, union elections, and representation in agencies and the courts. We also have represented multiemployer benefit funds. We offer experienced counsel in these labor relations matters.

Receive Union Workplace Help From Experienced Attorneys

Whether you’re in management or labor, if you need litigation assistance involving a union workplace then you should work with the attorneys of Weiss & Weiss LLC. Our team of experienced lawyers will be able to guide you through the legal process toward your goals.

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